Parents Access

By registering on the official MyPascoConnect portal, you can easily edit, update, and modify your profile and default settings. eg: Add your own profile picture or choose from an accessible library, adjust menu color theme and folder, along with the background image. If updates or changes are made to MyPascoConnect passwords or some of the applications used, they can be changed and edited in the My Profile menu.

MyPascoConnect Parent Access

This portal can be easily used by the parents too. They just need to follow a set of very basic steps to access the official portal:

  • Sign in to the following website: and select Check Notices / Support provided in the LEFT PARENT menu area on the right side of the screen.
  • Select a country: Use this link to register an account.

The input screen contains a message with three (3) options to choose from:

  •  I have not registered an account on the main portal, but my child is actively registered.
  • I have registered an account on the main portal, but I wish to add a secondary account.
  • I forgot my password and I wish to generate a new password.
  • If you don’t have a master account yet, tap the option that reads I haven’t registered an account on the main portal, but my child is actively registered.

Submit all the required fields with your own information. Your child’s school has established these conditions to create a parent account. Click Submit. Enter the details that are necessary to identify your child. Linking a student to a Pasco County Schools master account is subject to three conditions. Multiple children must be added at the same time. An option to add another child is available in the next step. Click Add Student.

Submit your new username and password on the portal login screen. Click Login. When you sign in to my students for the first time, you can modify the generated password by selecting the menu provided in the left sidebar. Enter the new generated password, a new password, and the new password to confirm the entry.

Click Save in the upper right corner. After clicking the Save, the message acknowledging your registration will be displayed on the MyPascoConnect Login portal.